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About Cumula 3 Group


Our Values

Cumula 3 Group was formed in early 2014 by a team of industry veterans with a desire and passion to provide NetSuite solutions with the customer first and foremost in mind. 
This passion fueled with a little caffeine has enabled Cumula 3 Group to become one of the leading 5-Star NetSuite Solution Providers providing end-to-end NetSuite software and services.  

We Are All About You

We know that without you there is no Cumula 3 Group. In fact, we're big fans of "The Golden Rule".  It's what drives all of our decisions here at Cumula 3 Group.  We treat all of our employees, partners and customers like we would want to be treated. 

We Lead By Example

When Cumula 3 Group formed just a few short years ago we knew we had assembled an amazing team and had a great vision for how NetSuite consulting should be done but had no idea to the heights we would grow in just four short years.  The industry recognized Cumula 3 Group as a 5-Star NetSuite Solution Provider, the high distinction in the industry.


We Are Focused

NetSuite is all we do! This laser focus enables us to bring a level of depth and expertise that is difficult to match in an industry crowded with consulting firms that represent a multitude of platforms and products. 


We Are Local

Cumula 3 Group's growth has enabled us to attract and hire talent from all across the US. We have strategically hired to provide our customers a regional presence in SoCal, NorCal, Mid-West, Southeast and Northeast.


Leadership Team

The management team and staff at Cumula 3 Group includes MBA's, CPA's, software developers, management consultants and more. We have the skills and passion to deliver high quality professional services to help you improve and automate your business processes. 

Amy Hipshman-Amamou

Partner, CO-Founder

Amy is the co-founder of Cumula 3 Group and providers leadership over the Professional Services organization. Prior to forming Cumula 3 Group she lead delivery teams at both NetSuite and Celigo. A financial controller by trade, Amy knows firsthand how important it is to not just choose the right software but to also assemble the proper team for client success.

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Melissa Natusch

Director, Solution Architecture

Melissa has extensive solution architecture experience within the NetSuite ecosystem. For the past six years she has been spearheading system integration and custom development initiatives for clients of all shapes and sizes. No project is too big or too complex for Melissa.

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Kelly Morgan

Senior NetSuite Certified Consultant (CPA)

Kelly is a seasoned ERP & accounting systems expert with more than ten years of experience helping clients design and implementation ERP solutions. Kelly also has a strong working knowledge of accounting, taxation, database management, queries and data extraction.

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Lantz Nefflen

Partner, Co-Founder

Lantz is the co-founder of Cumula 3 Group and oversees the sales and marketing teams. He has more than a decade of experience helping clients evaluate, license & implement NetSuite solutions. Lantz cut his teeth on NetSuite within the corporate training department helping train over 400 companies and over 1,000 users during his tenure.

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Nicholas Geier

Director, NetSuite Optimization (MBA)

Nicholas is a Senior NetSuite consultant and subject matter expert in manufacturing and wholesale distribution. Prior to leading the Cumula 3 Group NetSuite Optimization Team, Nicholas served in various IT leadership roles as well as a NetSuite client in one of the largest NetSuite deployments to date.

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Matthew Morrison

Senior Software Developer

Matthew has a passion for a wide range of technologies. Professionally, he works primarily with C# utilizing Wcf, ASP.NET, MVC3 and LINQ/Entities with MSSQL. Other technologies include Silverlight, PHP, MySQL and Java. In his free time he enjoys working with the use of C, C++, VHDL, Verilog, Python and more.

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Ian Grist

Director, Technical Services (MBA)

Ian has extensive Project Management experience with both new NetSuite ERP implementations as well as stand alone technical projects. Ian enjoys managing a diverse team and challenging projects across different industries and customers, while staying up to date on latest technologies. Ian has spent the last decade within the NetSuite ecosystem in a variety of management roles.

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Eric Smith

Director, Digital Marketing

Eric directs the digital marketing team & strategy at Cumula 3 Group. The marketing team's goal is to attract potential partners and clients and drive brand recognition within the NetSuite space. Prior, Eric spent the last five years helping clients evaluate NetSuite software and services.

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Shana McPhail

Director, Client Success

Shana is focused on helping existing Cumula 3 Group clients maximize their return on investment with NetSuite software and solutions. Shana has over 15 years experience with various ERP, HCM and FP&A applications across a myriad of industries and has spent the last 5 years providing NetSuite consulting.

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Want to Join Our Team?

We're always looking for great folks to join our fast growth organization. If you think you have what it takes please send us your resume to schedule a call.