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5 Things To Expect When Working with NetSuite Partners


33574413_s.jpgIf you are entertaining the idea of working with NetSuite Partners for your ERP implementation and beyond, you might be wondering exactly what you should expect from the relationship. What’s it like to work with an organization that handles everything from negotiating your NetSuite license, implementing the solution to providing ongoing support and training?

In this post, we’ll discuss what you can look forward to in working with high-quality NetSuite Partners:

#1: A single point of contact

When you work with a NetSuite implementation partner, one thing that you can count on is consistency in who you work with over the length of your relationship. This contrasts from the experience of licensing directly from NetSuite, in which case, you would have several points of contacts that change depending on which customer phase you are in. When working with a partner, you’ll have access to a consistent team of people who build familiarity with your business and its needs, and therefore have the right amount of context to quickly and easily give you the support that you need at all phases in your NetSuite journey.

#2: Extensive career experience

Most NetSuite Partners are mid-late career professionals that have spent several years working with NetSuite and within the ERP space. This presents a significant advantage for you, as you will be working with professionals that possess a vast skillset and deep expertise that support you at the highest level possible. NetSuite Partners often specialize in certain industries or verticals as well, which further enhances the ability to get the most out of your ERP investment.

#3: A partnership based on your goals

When working with NetSuite partners, they understand that your success is their success. Therefore, the best partners will take interest in your goals from the first conversation and structure your engagement (and communicate expectations) that will allow you to achieve those goals.

#4: An advocate for your best interests

Working with a NetSuite Partner is much like working with a real estate agent in that you have someone with a deep understanding of the buying process working on your behalf. There is a lot to know about licensing an ERP system, so having someone on your team that knows what to ask and can distinguish between a “great deal” and a “not-so-great” deal can set your NetSuite experience up for success from the start.

#5: A long-term strategic partner

In addition to having a consistent point of contact mentioned above, working with the same team allows you to make plans pertaining to the long-term strategic vision of your business and how your NetSuite instance can support that. NetSuite partners understand that you are making a software investment that will allow you to reach the next level in your business and are there to support you in your journey.

What else should you expect when working with a NetSuite partner? Check out our eBook “Ultimate Guide: Engaging a NetSuite Solution Provider”.

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