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David Reid

David Reid

Results oriented, forward-looking CFO and Business Development professional with a 13 year track record in driving institutional change geared around enhancing sustainable profits. Compelling strategic contributor founded upon the development and utilization of appropriate analytics/KPI’s that test existing heuristics and better monitor corporate performance. Accomplished operating leader with experience spanning simple cross-functional process development to enterprise wide ERP implementations. My operating ethos: a marriage of “best practice” and “good enough” in order to optimize infrastructure and investment. Significant financing and capital markets know-how bred from a decade in the investment banking industry. Passionate team and people builder and believer in the motivational power of mastery, autonomy and purpose. Listener, reader, and tech enthusiast.

Recent posts by David Reid

5 min read

NetSuite For Retail: A CFO's Perspective on NetSuite

By David Reid on Oct 27, 2016 3:12:48 PM

The retail paradigm has shifted toward unified commerce and if you’re a retailer you should be taking a long serious look at NetSuite and its capabilities. NetSuite offers retail omnichannel software solutions that are cost effective to acquire and can be deployed quickly and scale as your business needs evolve and grow.

Topics: NetSuite Retail
3 min read

Generate more Revenue with NetSuite POS solutions

By David Reid on Oct 10, 2016 9:46:49 AM

Did you know that according to the Database Marketing Institute that a customer’s email is worth $19.36 annually to a retailer. Imagine if you could collect the emails of just a fraction your in-store traffic. That could substantially benefit your bottom-line. Frustratingly, I see these revenues squandered through poorly integrated legacy systems or worse yet, retailers using NetSuite with a poorly integrated point of sale solution.

Topics: NetSuite POS NetSuite For Retail