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David Reid

Results oriented, forward-looking CFO and Business Development professional with a 13 year track record in driving institutional change geared around enhancing sustainable profits. Compelling strategic contributor founded upon the development and utilization of appropriate analytics/KPI’s that test existing heuristics and better monitor corporate performance. Accomplished operating leader with experience spanning simple cross-functional process development to enterprise wide ERP implementations. My operating ethos: a marriage of “best practice” and “good enough” in order to optimize infrastructure and investment. Significant financing and capital markets know-how bred from a decade in the investment banking industry. Passionate team and people builder and believer in the motivational power of mastery, autonomy and purpose. Listener, reader, and tech enthusiast.

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NetSuite For Retail: A CFO's Perspective on NetSuite

The retail paradigm has shifted toward unified commerce and if you’re a retailer you should be taking a long serious look at NetSuite and its capabilities. NetSuite offers retail omnichannel software solutions that are cost effective to acquire and...

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Generate more Revenue with NetSuite POS solutions

Did you know that according to the Database Marketing Institute that a customer’s email is worth $19.36 annually to a retailer. Imagine if you could collect the emails of just a fraction your in-store traffic. That could substantially benefit your...

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