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Eric Smith

Eric is a tech blogger & digital marketer with a background in helping companies evaluate and purchase NetSuite software and services.

3 min read

Making Sense of ASC 606 & NetSuite's New Revenue Recognition Module

There’s been a lot of questions and uncertainty around how revenue is recognized under the new ASC 606 standard that was first released in May 2014 but finally being required to implement effectively beginning after Dec 15, 2017 for public entities and...

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6 min read

Buyers Guide: Top NetSuite Partners in 2022

It would be wise for ERP buyers to consider the strength/depth of the partner ecosystem when choosing new ERP software. This fact is often overlooked but vital when it comes to finding sufficient resources for consulting needs both today and later down...

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2 min read

QuickBooks vs NetSuite: Compare Solutions Based on Your Goals

If you are using QuickBooks today and experiencing limitations that are causing duplicate work, an overwhelm of spreadsheets, and a patchwork of loosely integrated systems, do not despair!

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1 min read

10 Signs Your Business is Ready For A QuickBooks Alternative

For US based startups QuickBooks is the de facto standard for accounting software with over 5 million SMB's to prove it.  QuickBooks contains many of the bells and whistles new companies require at an attractive price point and requires little setup.  


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2 min read

5 Questions To Ask: Before Tackling a Netsuite Integration Project

As more companies embrace “the Cloud” new application vendors continue to emerge and extend functionality to core application providers thereby enabling customers to build their "own suite" of best of breed applications.   In this blog, we’ll tackle key...

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