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Pleasanton, Calif.—November 8, 2018—Cumula 3 Group, a leading 5-Star NetSuite Solution Provider, announced its most recent NetSuite go-live success with Southern Rebar and Supplies (SRS), based in Knoxville, TN.
Southern Rebar and Supplies (SRS), a newly formed company, was previously part of Gerdau, the largest producer of long steel in the Americas. Gerdau sold their equipment and facilities for several of their Tennessee locations, which ultimately culminated in the creation of SRS.

SRS was given a hard cut-off deadline of October 1, 2018, to establish themselves as a separate entity from Gerdau. This required SRS to recreate their core technical systems and integrations they had in place when part of Gerdau, but as a separate entity would lose on October 1st.

One of the major systems integral to their business process while part of Gerdau was SAP. NetSuite was selected to replace the SAP system on July 26, 2018, just slightly over 2 months before the hard October 1, 2018 cut-over. Despite the extremely condensed timeline SRS successfully went live on NetSuite at all four locations with the help of Cumula 3 Group on October 1, 2018. 

Eric Smith

Written by Eric Smith

Eric is a tech blogger & digital marketer with a background in helping companies evaluate and purchase NetSuite software and services.