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The Ultimate Cheat Sheet: NetSuite vs Salesforce

Posted by Eric Smith
Apr 2, 2018 3:52:55 PM

Have you embarked on a CRM or ERP initiative and feel overwhelmed with the number of software vendors to consider?

Perhaps you are familiar with some of big names like, SAP or Oracle but feel these might be overkill for your needs, budget and timeline?  

Or perhaps, your currently looking for Salesforce alternatives but not sure what CRM applications you should be considering and comparing.  

The aim of this post is to answer the most common questions when comparing NetSuite vs 

NetSuite vs Salesforce  

Top 10 NetSuite Differentiators 

  1. NetSuite provides a complete and accurate view of the customer. NetSuite allows sales executives to see purchase history, invoices, order status, package tracking, fulfillment, and other back-office customer data.
  2. NetSuite better supports companies that sell products. Unlike, NetSuite provides reps with inventory visibility, discount management, order status, tracking, and other product intelligence.
  3. NetSuite more effectively supports services firms. NetSuite supports projects assignment, project status updates, time tracking, issue management, staffing, and billing management.
  4. NetSuite customers can easily customize each deployment. NetSuite goes beyond simple field additions and layout changes to support full customization of interfaces, workflow, and integrations across the suite.
  5. NetSuite means fewer risky integration points. based integrations require multiple systems to synchronize together with no overall owner of the data flow or the integration logic.
  6. Advanced analytics span all business segments. Only NetSuite includes packaged reports and dashboards that combine sales, service, financial, and inventory / project data.
  7. NetSuite provides a real-time, integrated view of clients, projects, and finances. and its partner apps often require scheduled data syncs for integrated visibility.
  8. NetSuite customers can upgrade from CRM+ to the full business suite with a single click. customers have to license 3rd party solutions, map data, configure interfaces and continually sync the data.
  9. Industry-specific capabilities speed time-to-value. NetSuite supports the unique requirements of various vertical industries with packaged features, content, analytics, and templates.
  10. NetSuite offer a true Service Level Agreement (SLA). NetSuite guarantees uptime at 99.5% or your money back. does not have a SLA, only committing to “commercially reasonable efforts”

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 Key Questions To Ask

  1. Who is responsible for the integration between CRM and other enterprise applications? Will provide assistance if a version upgrade breaks the integration in the future?
  2. How many different AppExchange partners does a typical customer work with to match the functional coverage provided by NetSuite? What is the typical cost associated with licensing all the add-ins?
  3. What percentage of customers has fully integrated the on- demand CRM with their financial management system? Why is it such a small percentage despite the significant business benefits?
  4. Can you discuss how end-to-end processes (such as lead-to-order-to-fulfillment) are managed in environments?
  5. Are you able to provide references that have this type of integration in place? Why have customers been so concerned about order management errors when using disparate or loosely integrated systems?
  6. What kind of compensation management is built into Even with financial add-ins, is it possible for sales staff to view real-time commissions?
  7. When applications are integrated with, how do users create reports that cover multiple functions / applications (i.e. integrated sales and financials reports)?
  8. How long does it take to import and map product and financial information from 3rd party platform into the system of record? Can data be mapped in the opposite direction?

For customers seeking more than a CRM system, there is little comparison between the breadth of NetSuite's Cloud-based ERP against  If your looking to compare Salesforce and NetSuite and more, go here for further reading:  The Ultimate Cheat Sheet On NetSuite Competitors

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