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  • Annual license subscription + expected recurring cost. We are all about transparency!
  • Potential necessary add-on modules & 3rd party alternatives for you to compare
  • Anticipated discounts and concessions based upon your needs, timing and budget.



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Employees are very competent - we were especially impressed with their ability to think through complex accounting implications of our business process and propose elegant solutions.

Bill D'Alessandro

Elements Brands / CEO

I like the level of communication they had to offer throughout the entire process. If you are looking for NetSuite licenses and services and Cumula 3 comes up during your evaluation, STOP, the solution to your problem has just put itself in front of you!

John Cantrell

Hexmag / Director of IT

The Cumula 3 Group team did a solid job of educating us on our options and helped us secure an amazing NetSuite subscription for years to come. I'm very pleased we decided to work with a Solution Provider.

David Reid

Boll & Branch / CFO