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A Comprehensive Guide to NetSuite Add-On Modules


One of the best parts about being a NetSuite customer is the ability to make the platform your own, based on your business needs, processes and goals.

One of the ways that you can achieve this is by leveraging the NetSuite add on modules available for license (beyond the standard ERP and CRM functionality). But first let’s review what comes standard when you license NetSuite.

NetSuite CRM Includes
Marketing Automation
Sales Force Automation (SFA)
Customer Service Management
Partner Relationship Management

NetSuite ERP Includes
General Ledger
Accounts Receivable
Accounts Payable
Bank Management
Multi-Currency & Multi-Language
Item Management
Order Management
Employee Center

NetSuite add on modules can be licensed one-by-one or a la carte, if you will. They are also offered in bundles as an “industry suite,” based on common use cases, specific to your industry.

NetSuite add on modules also offer you flexibility, as they can be added at any time during the length of your NetSuite subscription. (The only exception is NetSuite One World, which needs to be licensed from the start of your subscription if you operate separate legal entities.)

The costs for advanced modules vary in price depending upon the module type but many fall within the $499-$599 per month range. 


NetSuite Add On Modules List

Some NetSuite customers need to look outside native NetSuite’s advanced modules and consider external applications via the SuiteApp partner platform.  

SuiteApp partners are NetSuite ISV’s that have built niche applications built on the SuiteCloud platform or have a pre-built integration for NetSuite.  

Common use cases for a SuiteApp play might include Field Service Management (FieldAware and NextService), Warehouse Management Systems (WMS) (RFSmart and Decartes), Business Intelligence (BI) (Domo), Financial Planning and Analysis (AdaptiveInsights), Configure Price Quote / Product Configurators (Verenia), iPaaS platforms (Jitterbit and Celigo) and many more.

Between NetSuite’s add on modules and SuiteApp’s you’d be hard pressed not to find a NetSuite solution that is truly built for NetSuite from the ground up.

Are you interested in seeing a live demonstration of particular NetSuite add on module or curious about the cost of certain modules? 

Curious how much your NetSuite will cost? Get your estimate right now.

NetSuite Pricing Calculator

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