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How to Get the Right NetSuite for Your Business

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NetSuite is a powerful multi-modal platform, so one-size-fits-all pricing simply doesn't exist.


This guide will help you understand your specific needs to craft a customized NetSuite solution that maximizes your ROI.

What factors impact NetSuite pricing?

  • Number of Users

    How many people in your company will need access to NetSuite?

  • Company Needs

    What specific functionalities (features) do you need to achieve your goals (e.g., inventory management, sales tracking)?

  • Essential Add-Ons

    Are there any specialized tools (modules) that enhance NetSuite's capabilities for your industry?

  • Customization Level

    Do you require any adjustments to tailor NetSuite to your unique workflows?

  • Implementation & Support

    We'll guide you through the setup process and offer ongoing support to ensure success.

Here’s Why Cumula 3 is Your Perfect Partner

  • Customized Solutions

    Our experts tailor NetSuite to perfectly align with your business goals.

  • Business Transformation

    We focus on optimizing workflows and empowering your team to unlock the full potential of NetSuite.

  • Combined Expertise

    Our team bridges the gap between business and technology, ensuring a seamless implementation and ongoing success.


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Bill Dalessandro
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"As a nonprofit, we have put finances in their proper prospective. With NetSuite and Cumula 3 Group we are more transparent to our stakeholders and can focus more on our mission."
Tyler Zollinger
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"Where in SAP they were running tons of spreadsheets because it took so much time to do look-ups on inventory items and pricing, those external spreadsheets have been eliminated and everything is now managed with the NetSuite environment."
Tim Vineyard
CIO Southern Rebar & Supplies

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Licensing Models

NetSuite offers tiered licensing plans to suit businesses of all sizes. Here's a quick overview to help you choose the right fit.

NetSuite Financial Management (ERP)

Perfect for companies that already have a CRM system and want to integrate NetSuite with their existing solution. This edition focuses on core ERP functionalities.

NetSuite Starter Edition (ERP & CRM)

Ideal for small businesses (under 10 users and 50 employees) needing core ERP and CRM functionalities (CRM functionality is optional in this edition).

NetSuite Mid-Market Edition (ERP & CRM)

Perfect for growing businesses (over 10 users) with multiple legal entities requiring consolidated financial reporting. This is the most popular choice.

NetSuite Enterprise Edition (ERP & CRM)

Designed for large enterprises (over 1,000 users) with complex financial and operational needs.

NetSuite ERP Standard Features
  • General Ledger

  • Accounts Receivable

  • Accounts Payable

  • Acceptance of Credit Cards, ACH, EFT

  • Bank Management & Reconciliations

  • Multi-Currency & Multi-Language

  • Item & Basic Inventory Management

  • Project Management (Basic capabilities)

  • Order Management

  • Purchasing

  • Employee Center (Time & Expense Management)

NetSuite CRM Standard Features
  • Marketing Automation

  • Sales Force Automation

  • Case Management

  • Partner Relationship Management

Service Tiers

Historically NetSuite offers four different service tiers referred to as (Tier 3, Tier 2, Tier 1 and Tier 1+/0). These tiers have since been rebranded and packaged and are now referred to as Standard, Premium, Enterprise and Ultimate.


Number of Users: 100
File Storage (GB): 100
Monthly Transaction Lines: 200,000


Number of Users: 1,000
File Storage (GB): 1,000
Monthly Transaction Lines: 2,000,000


Number of Users: 2,000
File Storage (GB): 2,000
Monthly Transaction Lines: 5,000,000


Number of Users: 4,000
File Storage (GB): 4,000
Monthly Transaction Lines: 10,000,000

User Licenses

NetSuite uses a ’named user’ licensing model, meaning each user has their own dedicated login. This ensures clear access control and simplifies user management.

Full User Licenses

Ideal for employees who frequently use NetSuite functionalities like managing financials, sales, operations, or customer service.

Self-Service User Licenses

Perfect for users with limited tasks like submitting time sheets, expense reports, or purchase requisitions.

Don't Need Full Access?

NetSuite offers alternative solutions for users who only need to view data.

  • Data Exports – Export data to Excel for easy access and analysis.

  • Scheduled Reports – Set up reports for automatic delivery to non-licensed users. Reports can be formatted in various formats like Excel, PDF, or Word.


Advanced Modules

NetSuite offers additional features beyond core CRM and ERP functionalities to meet your specific needs. These features come in two forms.

Individual Modules

Add functionalities like advanced inventory management, project management, or ecommerce on a per-module basis.

Industry Suites

Pre-built packages with essential modules tailored for specific industries like manufacturing or retail.

Key Features
Start Simple, Scale Up Later

Subscribe to modules only when needed.

Perfect Fit for Your Business

Choose features that align with your unique requirements.

Adapts to Your Growth

Easily add or remove modules as your business evolves.

Pricing and Resources
  • Module pricing varies depending on your NetSuite edition (Limited, Mid-Market, Enterprise).

  • Learn more about specific modules by downloading the NetSuite Advanced Module datasheet (link included).

NetSuite OneWorld
  • For businesses with multiple legal entities, NetSuite OneWorld streamlines financial management and consolidation. Consider this module from the beginning if you have this need.

NetSuite Module Datasheet

For a detailed description of NetSuite add-on modules, click the links below to download a NetSuite Advanced Module datasheet.


Implementation Phases

NetSuite implementation costs vary depending on your business needs. Here's a simplified breakdown of the key phases involved.

Integration Options

NetSuite plays well with others! Here are 3 ways to connect NetSuite with your favorite business applications.

Total Cost Estimate

NetSuite implementation costs can vary depending on your project scope. Here's a ballpark figure to consider: $25,000 - $75,000. This range includes common activities like:

  • Planning & Analysis

  • System Setup

  • Data Migration (optional)

  • Integrations (optional)

  • Customization (optional)

  • User Training


Additional NetSuite Costs

This section breaks down some additional expenses to consider when implementing NetSuite.


Basic support is free, but 24/7 access requires a paid upgrade.


Cumula 3 can help you explore financing options for your NetSuite investment.

Implementation Methodology

SuiteSuccess offers pre-configured solutions for faster implementation, but may not be suitable for complex needs.

Subscription Length

Longer subscriptions (e.g., 5 years) can offer greater price predictability.

Sandbox Account (Optional)

Allows for testing customizations without impacting live operations (additional cost).

Service Tiers

Higher tiers offer dedicated resources and more customization (increased cost).


NetSuite SuiteCommerce

NetSuite SuiteCommerce helps businesses of all sizes sell online. Here's a breakdown of their options.


NetSuite OpenAir and NetSuite SRP

Here's a comparison between the two to help you choose which one fits your business better.

NetSuite OpenAir

NetSuite OpenAir helps professional service businesses manage projects, resources, time, and expenses. Here's what you need to know.

All-in-One Solution

Tracks projects, resources, time, and expenses in one place.

Seamless Integration

Works perfectly with your NetSuite ERP (if you have one).

Flexible & Customizable

Adapts to your specific needs and budget.

Given this variability in licensing, it's advisable to consult with an OpenAir licensing specialist at Cumula 3 Group. This will allow you to accurately identify your requirements and gain a realistic understanding of your potential OpenAir pricing. It ensures you invest in a solution that not only meets your operational needs but aligns with your financial considerations as well, effectively paving the way for business growth and success.

NetSuite SRP

NetSuite SRP is a project management solution built directly into NetSuite. It's ideal for businesses that already use NetSuite.

Project Management 

Plan, track, and collaborate on projects.

Resource Allocation

Assign the right people to the right tasks to optimize your team's workload.

Job Costing

Track project expenses and profitability for better financial insights.

*The Project Management advanced module offers more features and functionality than the basic offering included in the suite. These modules can be subscribed to individually. However, when bundled together, they form the cohesive, comprehensive package known as NetSuite SRP.

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