NetSuite Pricing Explained

The Suite

Understanding the potential cost NetSuite's licensing consist of three main components.  First, the size of the "Suite", Limited Edition, Mid-Market Edition or Enterprise Edition. Second, the number of required user licenses that will need access to NetSuite and third, the type and quantity of advanced modules that will be required for your particular needs. NetSuite starts at $999 per month for the Limited Edition Suite.  


is packaged for smaller companies that need to license between 1-10 named users and that have less than 50 employees.

mid-market EDITION

is appropriately sized for
companies that need to license
between 11-1,000 named users.

Enterprise EDITIOn

is designed for companies
needing to license over 1,000
named users.

Each Editions includes both Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP). The Suite covers the basic functionality that many companies will require.  In addition, NetSuite also offers ~25+ Advanced Modules that organizations can subscribe to dependent upon their specific industry, business processes and user requirements.

NetSuite's Advanced Modules can be licensed à la carte or can be bundled together in the form of an "Industry Suite", which is a pre-packaged set of Advanced Modules for a particular industry. For a complete list of alAdvanced Modules click here...  
Industry Suites Include
  • Retail Edition
  • Retail OmniChannel Edition
  • Services Edition
  • Software Edition
  • Wholesales Distribution
  • Manufacturing Edition
  • Nonprofit Edition

Companies may choose to license the Financial Management Suite separately and exclude CRM.  Its not uncommon for organizations to forgo licensing NetSuite CRM after they have invested heavily in customizing applications such as Salesforce CRM. 

One of the many benefits of NetSuite is that its open architecture and modular approach allows businsses to add and remove modules as the business demands it and to take advantage of best of breed applications and integrate systems as they see fit.

User Licenses

NetSuite licenses its software based upon named users. Generally speaking NetSuite has two types of user licenses.  The first is known as a full user license.  A full user license is required for user personas such as a Controller, CFO, Sales Manager, Director of Operations, Customer Service Representative or Account Payables Manager, essentially anyone transacting in the system on a routine basis would require a full user license. In addition, NetSuite offers Self Service user licenses for those who perform limited tasks within NetSuite PSA or HCM applications such as time entry against a project, enter/view/track accrued PTO or enter/view/track expense reports. NetSuite full user licenses start at $99 per month per user.  

NetSuite Support

NetSuite offers three different levels of support, Silver, Gold and Platinum. These support packages are priced based on a percentage of your annual contract value. NetSuite Support contracts are not required for customers that license through a NetSuite Solution Provider.  For companies that license NetSuite directly through NetSuite’s direct sales channel have the following support options.

Silver Support is designed for companies that have limited support needs during business hours and can initiate support cases online and supports up to two named contacts. Silver Support does not offer phone support option at this time.  Silver Support is ideal for companies that have a dedicated NetSuite Administrator that can troubleshoot most issues in a timely fashion.
The next level is Gold Support which provides 24x7 support for high severity issues with toll-free access from most countries and is limited to 4 named users.  Gold Support is great for larger NetSuite customers with lots of users and do not have a dedicated NetSuite Administrator on staff to troubleshoot issues as they arise.
Lastly, Platinum Support is designed for large enterprises provides 24x7 support with a dedicated support team and supports up to six named users.  This premium level of support is reserved for NetSuite's largest and most demanding customers that require 24x7 global support with a dedicated staff.

For companies that license and implement NetSuite through a NetSuite Solution Provider having your partner provide support and optimization services is an ideal scenario since they will have the most familiarity of your NetSuite instance and business goals. A NetSuite Solution Provider will be able to provide you with a support recommendation that makes sense for your business needs and one that fits within your budget.


Did you know that approximately ~50% of NetSuite customers choose to license through a NetSuite Solution Provider. Come see what a NetSuite Solution Provider can do for your company.

Other Considerations


Software Subscription Duration: Like other SaaS applications NetSuite is completely subscription based therefore the application can be subscribed to for as little as 12 months or much longer. A longer subscription term tends to make sense for many companies seeking predictability in annual software spend whereas a shoter term provides businesses the ultimate in flexibility.  

Software Subscription Agreement: Even if you choose to license NetSuite through one of the many NetSuite partners, the subscription agreement will be on Oracle paper. We the NetSuite Solution Provider are the NetSuite licensing experts and your dedicated resource that will advocate on your behalf to ensure you are getting a great NetSuite contract. With this model you the customer get the best of both worlds, access to both NetSuite badged employees as well as a highly experienced consulting firm looking out for your interest. 

NetSuite Subscription Terms: When you license NetSuite, Oracle will invoice in 12 month increments Net 30.  For business that are looking for a monthly payment or more flexible terms we partner with leading leasing companies that can bundle both the software and services of your NetSuite solution into a single monthly payment.