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NetSuite for Nonprofits


Non-profit organizations have a lot to keep track of – from fundraising to managing mission-critical programs and services. 

NetSuite simplifies many of the complicated business processes that not-for-profit organizations face. This comprehensive, integrated business management software suite gives you the tools you need to manage finances and operations effectively.  

With NetSuite, non-profit organizations get a complete ERP with tools to help streamline donor, board, and event management. 

Non-profit organizations face many reporting and compliance issues. IRS forms and grant applications require detailed information about your organization's finances. These forms are very time-consuming and difficult to complete.  NetSuite simplifies the process. Financial reports can automatically be generated.

Whether you are a community-based, faith-based, philanthropic, or educational not-for-profit organization, NetSuite can help you:

  • Manage finances and get greater visibility into financial health
  • Track key performance indicators
  • Handle multinational and multi-currencies
  • Automate time-consuming processes and improve efficiency
  • Manage donor relationships and target fundraising efforts more effectively. 
  • Easy-to-use reporting capabilities

NetSuite offers a complete ERP solution for non-profits, from financials and accounting to donor management and program delivery.  

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NetSuite for Nonprofits

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