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NetSuite for Oil & Gas


Companies operating within the oil and gas sector prioritize safeguarding their businesses through the enforcement of financial prudence, exploring fresh revenue channels to boost operational efficiency, and upgrading their current technology infrastructure for optimal productivity. Recognizing the potential challenges of both oversupply and undersupply in the market, many companies in the oil and gas industry are acknowledging the importance of technology equipped with comprehensive business management capabilities, tailored to adapt to the inherent dynamics and intricacies of the sector.

The cloud-based ERP solution by NetSuite recognizes the importance of addressing the evolving needs of the oil and gas sector. It offers a system that not only tackles the current challenges but also establishes a vital foundation for future requirements. NetSuite offers oil and gas enterprises:

  • Multi-company, end-to-end financial
    management and consolidation
  • Manage CAPEX budget spend with
    integrated project management and
    project job costing
  • Comprehensive fixed asset management.
  • Industry-leading customization and
    integration capabilities.

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