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NetSuite for Metal Fabrication


NetSuite is a versatile ERP that can help metal fabrication businesses overcome the challenges they face in today's competitive marketplace. NetSuite ERP provides a comprehensive and integrated system that can be customized to fit the specific needs of metal fabrication shops. 

NetSuite's wide range of features and functionality make it a powerful tool for businesses that need to automate their operations. 

NetSuite Manufacturing Edition may be a good option for your metal fabrication company. 

Its features include:

  • Shop floor control
  • Production engineering
  • Manufacturing inventory control
  • Manufacturing cost control,
  • Project control
    Lot and serial control
  • Demand planning
  • Material requirements planning
  • Multi-division and multi-site solutions.


Maximizing Efficiency with NetSuite for Metal Fabrication.

NetSuite Fabrication offers unparalleled support for the metal fabrication industry, integrating critical features like shop floor and inventory control, project management, and demand planning into a single ERP solution. This streamlined approach not only enhances operational efficiency but also aligns with the unique demands of metal fabricators, ensuring scalability and precision in every project.

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