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NetSuite for Software Companies


Scaling a software company is hard without the right business software. With NetSuite, all the features/functions you need to run and scale your software business is available right out of box and follows industries best practices.  

As your software business grows, you'll need to manage increasingly complex processes such as revenue recognition, forecasting, procurement, and pricing. You might be tempted to patch together spreadsheets and standalone applications to meet these needs, but this can eventually hamper productivity. 

  • Manage inventory, customers, and orders from one unified platform
  • Get real-time visibility into operations
  • Automate and streamline business processes
  • Get insight into key performance indicators
  • Real-time analytics and reporting tools
  • Manage finances and get greater visibility into financial health
  • Handle multinational and multi-currencies

Information like this can be invaluable for deciding where to focus resources or how to improve operations.

NetSuite provides a scalable foundation for modern high-growth technology companies. This foundation helps these companies streamline their operations, improve visibility into business performance, and make better decisions in real-time.

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NetSuite for Software Companies

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