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QuickLaunch Your Business to the Cloud

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Go-Live on NetSuite in 90 Days with CUMULA 3® Group



QuickLaunch to the Cloud

You think your company is too small for NetSuite? QuickLaunch is your answer. 

QuickLaunch is a proven implementation methodology designed to get companies to the Cloud quickly on the #1 cloud-based ERP, NetSuite. Our QuickLaunch implementation methodology leverages industry leading best practices along with a preconfigured solution to get you live on NetSuite within 90 days.

Benefits of NetSuite QuickLaunch:
  • Faster time-to-value
  • Reduced Total Cost of Ownership
  • Better NetSuite ROI
  • Less Risk




Find a QuickLaunch Package That's Right For You

Choose between QuickLaunch for Financial Management or QuickLaunch for both Financial Management and Inventory Management. Each package includes NetSuite licensing, services and support.

QuickLaunch Pricing: Financial Management

QuickLaunch Pricing Financial Management

  • NetSuite Financial Management Software
  • NetSuite Financials Implementation
  • NetSuite Financials Optimization
  • All Inclusive Pricing Starts at ~$24,999

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QuickLaunch Pricing: Financial & Inventory Management

QuickLaunch Pricing Financial & Inventory Management

  • NetSuite Financials & Inventory Management Software
  • NetSuite Financials & Inventory Implementation
  • NetSuite Optimization
  • All Inclusive Pricing Starts at  ~$28,999

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Why NetSuite QuickLaunch?

NetSuite QuickLaunch by CUMULA 3 GROUP accelerates your NetSuite time-to-value while reducing risk and the heavy cost burden associated with traditional ERP implementations. On average, businesses that use this proven methodology go live on NetSuite within ~90 days.  If you need to scale your SMB sized business quickly NetSuite QuickLaunch could be the answer.  With QuickLaunch you'll benefit from our industry-specific accelerators based on NetSuite customizations we've developed to drive down the cost and time of NetSuite implementations.




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You have many options when it comes to licensing and implementing NetSuite ERP software.  That's why you should choose to work with the best. We'll bring insights, clarity and professionalism every step of the way.  NetSuite is all we do.  This focus allows us to bring unmatched professionalism and expertise to your NetSuite initiative.    

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