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Distroller Accelerates Growth With NetSuite For Retail


Unless you have young children and have recently lived in Mexico, chances are you have never heard of Distroller. Thats about to change, founded in Mexico City, Distroller has disrupted the retail market in Mexico with over 60 locations and is poised to do the same in United States, with the recent opening of a flagship location in San Diego and additional location in Houston, Texas.

Distroller is known for designing colorful, creative, and fun products along with amazing interactive experiences for children. In this unique retail concept, children visit the Distroller store to adopt a “Neo-nate baby” that was rescued from outer space and attend follow-up visits for check-ups and care from Nurse Tania.

Netsuite for Retail 2

As a US startup pursuing an aggressive timeline, Distroller was in need of a fully integrated retail management software solution that would allow for quick implementation and scalability at a lower cost than their current ERP provider (SAP) at their parent company. Daryn Fillis, CEO of Distroller, explained why they chose NetSuite and Cumula 3 Group:

“We wanted a cloud based retail software solution and competent deployment team and needed something that could scale as we grow into a major retailer here. NetSuite for Retail was the best platform for our needs and Cumula 3 Group was a strong retail and Ecommerce focused NetSuite partner to help guide us on this NetSuite ERP initiative”, says Daryn Fillis, CEO. “Additionally, we also needed a very strong traditional lane and mobile POS for the type of volume we expected for adoption parties and holidays. Cumula 3 Group introduced us to their strategic POS partner, SuiteRetail and their high-performing native solution for NetSuite

At a time when many retailers are struggling to keep their doors open, Distroller has innovated to combine the traditional brick-and-mortar storefront with online content and e-commerce. As customers complete their in-store journeys centered around the adoption of the store’s line of Neo-Nate babies, purchases can be made instantly using SuitePOS mobile interface. “SuitePOS running on iPhones blends right in with the customer experience”, says Fillis. “Fast and simple, often the children will look at the screen alongside the associate, selecting products and even presenting the card or Apple Pay to complete the process. They love taking charge!”

In addition to the recent openings in San Diego and Houston, 8 additional retail locations are planned to open in the next 18 months all running NetSuite for Retail and Cumula 3 Group will support the company as it grows and scales to become a household name in the US.

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