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Another Successful QuickBooks to NetSuite Migration: Xpansiv's Story

Posted by Eric Smith
Oct 25, 2018 11:33:59 AM

Pleasanton, Calif.—October 23, 2018—Cumula 3 Group, a leading 5-Star NetSuite Solution Provider, announced its most recent NetSuite go-live success with Xpansiv, an emerging data analytics provider designed for commodity producers and consumers based in San Francisco, CA.

Xpansiv like most fast-growth companies required a scalable, cloud-based integrated ERP solution that would accommodate both their current business needs, as well as the anticipated growth that was being stifled with the use of QuickBooks and Excel. The NetSuite solution that Cumula 3 Group recommended and designed checked all of their boxes and was clearly within their budget and timeline.

Speaking of timeline, Xpansiv needed to be live on a new ERP system in short order.  They needed a feature-rich ERP solution that could be deployed quickly, as well as a dedicated team of NetSuite professionals that could meet their tight go-live schedule.  Cumula 3 Group's NetSuite implementation team was able to implement the client in just seven short weeks utilizing their proprietary "QuickBooks Replacement - Turn Key" NetSuite implementation methodology.

xpansiv  Challenges Solutions
PROJECT SUMMARY: Using the traditional combination of Quickbooks and Excel, it was becoming increasingly more difficult to manage the business and could not scale to support the future needs of the company Cumula 3 Group helped Xpansiv evaluate NetSuite financial management and fixed assets solution and devised an implementation plan to accommodate Xpansiv's tight timeline and budget.

Xpansiv needed the ability to break out their financials by segments.  This capability is not available in QuickBooks.

NetSuite native reporting and analytics features were able to provide the financial insights Xpansiv required without customizations or spreadsheets.

PROJECT TIMELINE: The customer required a quick, seamless implementation strategy that enable them to go-live by the end of Q3 2018.
Cumula 3 Group was able to perform the NetSuite implementation within seven weeks from the configuration start date using a proprietary "QuickBooks Replacement - Turn Key" implementation methodology.
FIXED ASSETS MANAGEMENT: Xpansiv was manually managing fixed assets on an Excel spreadsheet Successfully implemented NetSuite's fully integrated Fixed Assets module.

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