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How to Find the Right Netsuite Partners


31132289_s.jpgHow will you identify the right NetSuite partners for your NetSuite initiative? Are you looking for assistance with NetSuite licensing, NetSuite implementation services, NetSuite integration services or perhaps a NetSuite Partner with SuiteCommerce experience?

No partner is the same and some will be better suited to address your company's needs than others. Much like hiring an employee, it’s not about simply filling a role, but getting the right resource{s) in place.

Finding the right partner is both a long-term and short-term strategic decision. When it comes to implementing NetSuite for the very first time, the partner that you choose to work with should be able to help you through the NetSuite licensing process by advising you on your ERP needs and even negotiating the NetSuite Subscription Agreement on your behalf. While you may be focused on hiring a NetSuite Solution Provider to get you live on NetSuite, don't neglect the many long-term benefits of having a single partner provide services for all your NetSuite needs, both now and in the future. These needs may include scripting, integrations, ecommerce development, and an optimization & support program.

Early conversations with potential vendors can indicate capability, experience, goal orientation, customer service, and capacity. In order to find the right fit, follow these guidelines when interviewing prospective candidates:

5 Tips to Evaluate Netsuite Partners Based on Your Needs

#1: Go Beyond Qualifications

Sure, finding a group of qualified and experienced professionals is extremely important. However, we’ve all experienced the situation where an individual or company simply fares better on paper than in person. This is a soft factor in evaluating a potential vendor, but never the less is an indicator of fit.  

#2: Look for Cultural Fit

What’s your culture like? How does it compare to the NetSuite Implementation Partner that you are considering working with? Of course, no two company cultures are the same, but you do need to select a group that will work with your employees in a way that promotes a smooth, productive, and complementary working relationship.

#3: Discuss Goals

Goals and expectations are an important part of any introductory discussions that you should have with your potential vendor. Your vendor should be engaged in asking about your goals and expectations for the NetSuite initiative. If they are not, consider this a red flag. Prior to getting any kind of agreement in place, you should be on the same page about how you will define success in terms of the scope of the initiative.

#4: Look for Systems Experience within your Industry

Many of your ERP needs likely reflect the industry that you operate in, and you will have specific needs based on the nature of your work. It is a major advantage to work with a vendor that has past systems experience in your industry so that you can tap into this vast well of experience. Don’t settle for having a consulting firm learn your industry on your dime.  

#5: Ask and be Asked the Right Questions

So much of interviewing vendor candidates comes down to knowing what to ask. Be sure to adequately prepare for sales calls with thoughtful questions in order to best assess whether a potential NetSuite Implementation Partner is a good fit. Also, pay attention to the types of questions that your prospective partner is asking about your business and ERP needs. The types of questions posed at this stage can indicate expertise, perspective, and goal motivation - all indicators of how you might work together in the future.

Interested in learning more about how to find the right NetSuite partner? Download our latest eBook, “Ultimate Guide: Hiring a NetSuite Solution Provider”.

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