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Buyers Guide: Top NetSuite Partners in 2022

It would be wise for ERP buyers to consider the strength/depth of the partner ecosystem when choosing new ERP software. This fact is often overlooked but vital when it comes to finding sufficient resources for consulting needs both today and later down the road.  

In the NetSuite ecosystem in particular, roughly 50% of all new NetSuite customers choose to license and implement NetSuite ERP through NetSuite Partners, known as NetSuite Solution Providers. 

NetSuite Partners come in all shapes and sizes but, in general, have a common objective, to provide software, services and solutions to NetSuite users looking to scale their business on the #1 cloud ERP. 

Currently, NetSuite has three distinct NetSuite partner programs:

  • SuiteCloud Development Network (SDN): SDN partners consist of independent software vendors (ISVs) focused on building NetSuite extensions and applications on the SuiteCloud platform.  You can research some of the SDN Partners found here: www.suiteapp.com 
  • NetSuite Alliance Partners: The Alliance Partner program is a newer program consisting of large partners that only provide implementation services for clients. The software evaluation and NetSuite license purchase is lead by NetSuite's direct sales team and services are performed by the Alliance partner.     
  • NetSuite Solution Providers: The NetSuite Solution Provider program has been around for several years.  NetSuite Solution Providers assist clients with both NetSuite licensing and implementation services. NetSuite Solution Providers come in many shapes in sizes with varying degrees of skills and competence. Some Solution Providers are also large accounting firms while others may consist of only a handful of employees.  That being said the NetSuite Solution Provider program in recent years has seen substantial consolidation resulting in larger, more capable consulting organizations  

NetSuite Solution Providers are comprised of business application experts and/or management consulting organizations that provide expertise around ERP evaluations and implementations for organizations that are looking to leverage cloud-based ERP to scale their businesses.  

Working with a NetSuite partner can have a transformational impact on your business, however, it is important to choose the right partner, one that truly aligns with your needs, goals and culture.  

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What Do You Gain by Working with a NetSuite Partner?

Why not work directly with NetSuite?

Their are several ways a NetSuite partner can help you get the most out of your NetSuite investment. Here are a few of the quick wins you can experience by working with a NetSuite Solution Provider:

Save On NetSuite Cost

There's much to be said on NetSuite Pricing & Licensing I wrote an exhaustive blog on this one topic alone. In a nutshell, it’s the responsibility of a NetSuite Solution Provider to help clients evaluate NetSuite's capabilities with the needs/goals of the organization in mind. This can be accomplished through "proof of concept" demos, free NetSuite software trials or attending local events.  

NetSuite partners, while sometimes referred to as a NetSuite VAR (Value Added Reseller) are not technically VARs.  Instead, NetSuite Solution Providers co-sell NetSuite licenses alongside NetSuite's channel management team. For customers that prefer a direct relationship with a software vendor, this is a win-win model. 

The client (you) gets access to a non-biased ERP consulting firm with your best interest in mind, as well as direct access to NetSuite badged employees.  And since NetSuite Solution Providers help clients license NetSuite for a living, they can generally provide tremendous insight and value when it comes to securing a NetSuite ERP license contract.  

Proven & Flexible Methodologies

In addition to NetSuite licensing, Solution Providers assist clients with implementing and supporting clients on NetSuite. No two implementations are identical, however, there are several commonalities when implementing NetSuite. NetSuite Solution Providers can leverage a handful of NetSuite implementation approaches that help you meet your business needs within a timeline and budget that makes sense for your business.  NetSuite Direct (along with an Alliance Partner) will generally not be as flexible when it comes to implementing NetSuite.  They will take a SuiteSuccess approach to implementing NetSuite whether that's the approach you want to take or not. SuiteSuccess, in a nutshell, is a productized implementation methodology designed to get clients live on NetSuite within 100 days leveraging best-in-class business processes for several different types of industries. While we like and leverage the SuiteSuccess approach to implementing NetSuite it's not right for every company every time.

NetSuite Extensibility

Some NetSuite Solution Providers are also NetSuite integration experts, meaning they have system integration expertise along with NetSuite functional depth.

NetSuite was built from the ground up to be highly extensible both in terms of customizations and integrations therefore offers several methods for integrating NetSuite with other cloud-based applications.

Common integration examples include:

  • NetSuite & CRM integration (e.g., Salesforce, Zendesk, HubSpot)
  • NetSuite & Ecommerce integration (e.g., Shopify, Magento)
  • NetSuite & 3PL integration
  • NetSuite & online retailers (e.g., Amazon, eBay, Walmart)

Some NetSuite Solution Providers provide custom integration solutions while others align themselves with various integration iPaaS platforms such as Celigo, Jitterbit or Dell Boomi.

If your NetSuite ERP implementation requires extensive integrations, it might be a good idea for you to work with a NetSuite Solution Provider that has deep expertise with NetSuite integration projects and can help you understand and weigh your options. Having your NetSuite implementation and integration run by a single organization (one throat to choke) may streamline your initiative and reduce overall cost and headache.  

NetSuite Optimization

Most NetSuite Solution Providers offer an optimization and/or NetSuite support program. These programs provide ongoing support and consulting assistance to customers after they are live on NetSuite.  

The most successful NetSuite customers tend to be those who see the value in having a long-term partnership with a consulting firm to provide continuity and long after deploying NetSuite. Having a team that understands your business and your NetSuite instance can be invaluable to getting the most return on your NetSuite investment.  

Customized NetSuite Training

One of the key metrics to determine whether an ERP system initiative was successful or not is how well the end users are embracing the change and utilizing the system appropriately.  

It's not uncommon to hear of organizations implementing new software only to find out that end users are back to their old habits of using spreadsheets because the new system is difficult to navigate, hard to get reports out of or doesn't provide them the info they need to make decisions.

Often this comes down to equipping the end users with sufficient training. NetSuite Solution Providers can provide custom training engagements and can also provide NetSuite lead training offered by NetSuite's training department.

Your NetSuite partner will be able to prescribe a training solution that makes sense for your employees needs and budget.  

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Is Working with a NetSuite Partner a Good Idea?

It depends on your goals and preferences. It might be a good idea to consider working with a NetSuite Partner if…

  1. You don’t have experience negotiating ERP contracts. An experienced partner knows what to ask for and when to help you get the best deal and avoid the pitfalls associated with “not knowing what you don’t know.”
  2. Flexible payment arrangements & leverage are important to you. Most partners bill in milestone increments rather than a single upfront payment which is typical when purchasing through NetSuite direct. If you've spent your entire implementation budget upfront, you don't have any recourse should you decide to change your implementation team.  
  3. You are looking for ongoing comprehensive support & continuity from the team that performed your implementation.  If you work with a larger organization or NetSuite direct, you will likely end up with different teams supporting you throughout the duration of your NetSuite usage.  

How to Find the Right NetSuite Partner for your ERP Project

There are many NetSuite Partners for you to choose from; partners vary in area of industry focus, level of expertise and regions they serve.

Choosing the right NetSuite partner is both a short-term and long-term strategic decision, where “fit” is equally as important as capability and experience. 

Since all partners are not created equal, the "status" column included below is designed to share a single measure of competence.

The "Stars" represent tiers of achievement (based upon production) in a given calendar year, with 5 Stars recognizing the highest distinction.  

The "Stars" designation is no longer in place within the NetSuite ecosystem however, this table captures the Partner's status the last time the awards were released in 2020.  

Additionally, keep in mind each company may have locations/employees outside of their listed headquarters. Phone numbers were collected from the company's website and were not guaranteed to be accurate.


NetSuite Solution Provider Partners
(United States)

Company Name HQ Partner Status Phone
CUMULA 3® Group CA Partner of the Year 2021 408-603-6373
ERP Guru QC 5 Star Partner 877-664-1023
360 Cloud Solutions AZ 5 Star Partner 800-360-8150
TrueCloud Acquired By Eide Bailly AZ 5 Star Partner 886-990-8783
Explore Consulting Acquired By RSM WA 5 Star Partner 425-462-0100
Big Bang ERP QC 4 Star Partner 844-361-4408
Techfino PA Unknown 877-563-1405
SCScloud FL 5 Star Partner 844-333-2568
Sererra CA Unknown 877-276-3774
Nuage MD Unknown 855-682-4342
Tribridge Acquired By DXC Eclipse FL Unknown 888-495-4749
The Vested Group TX 5 Star Partner 972-429-9025
Mibar NY Unknown 212-869-9350
Net@Work NY 2 Star Partner 800-719-3307
NXTurn FL 5 Star Partner 888-450-3330
Sixred Acquired By Crowe TX 5 Star Partner 877-249-3588
BCS Prosoft FL 2 Star Partner 201-630-0300
NetScore Technologies VA SuiteCommerce 703-599-9282
Aminian CA NetSuite 888-800-5207
Protelo CA 2 Star Partner 916-571-0927
Business Solution Partners (BSPNY) NY 5 Star Partner 855-977-7100
Keystone IL NetSuite, Salesforce 866-546-7227
Upaya Acquired
By Crowe
CA 5 Star Partner 408-899-4577
Innovergent GA 2 Star Partner  866-287-8643


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